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Welcome to Chatterjee Engineering

Chatterjee Engineering is the Mechanical Construction Company. Specialised in all sorts of Industrial piping, Structural jobs, Erection of Equipments and Cross Country Pipeline.


Manufacturer and supplier Of Energy Saving Industrial Luminaries. We are providing our best services not only in INDIA but we are also working in ABROAD.


Chatterjee Engineering established in the year of 1987. We had completed more than 3 successful projects in Abroad, more than 150 successful projects in INDIA. We have also experience on Cross Country Water Pipeline Projects and Cross Country Gas Pipeline Projects.


Our Four Main Activities are,

  • 1. Mechanical Construction

  • 2. Manufacturer of Industrial Light Fitting

  • 3. PWHT

  • 4. Torqueing of Bolts-Piping & Structural

     Our Services

Mechanical Construction

  • All Kind Of Industrial Piping Fabrication & Erections.

  •  Equipment Erections.

  •  Structural Fabrication & Erection.

  • Heater/ Furnace Fabrication & Erection.

Manufacturer of Industrial Light Fitting

  • Manufacturer and supplier Of Energy Saving Industrial Luminaries as per ISI Standards for Out Door Light Fittings.


(For Thermal Power Project,Steel,Cement,Aluminium Plant, Refineries ,Fertilizers,Air Port Hangers, Railway Platforms,Bus Terminus,Highways,Parks, Mines etc.,)


Carrying out stress relieving job for Piping

Torqueing of Bolts-Piping & Structural

Carrying out Torqueing related job for Piping & Structural Bolts.

Why Chatterjee Engineering

We in Chatterjee Engineering  value customers' requirement as our top most priority and we believe that they are our best mentor. We always keep on trying not to deviate from the need of customers' requirements upto their fullest satisfaction.

We always honour safety and quality policies of our clients as well as our own.


  • Safety Policy : It is much needed to provide the workers a strong guideline so that they can give their best being apart from danger situations. We always ensure to a worker that he is here to live. Also we maintain the international standards for safety, keeping an eagle eye on those resources involved with safety maintaining processes.

  • Quality Policy : Quality policy is used to measure the company’s work activities standard that all engineering activities are maintaining a optimum scientific and quality standard.

Mission & Vision


We always try to provide a healthy working environment so that we can use our resources effectively and efficiently. Client satisfaction with our way of working is our top most priority.

Although the measurable resources are already described above, but we can adjust immediately with clients’ requirements and demands.

It is also our commitment to deliver the best of our services to clients’ requirement.




We are also running one charitable organization named Chinmayee Kanailal Memorial Trust mainly for educational and medical facilities to the needy people.

Medical facilities are extended from village Kashiara, Dist Midnapur, West Bengal where treatments are extended by qualified doctors and medicines are distributed among needy and distress people of that locality.

And educational facilities are extended from Vadodara office to students who really need education but can not afford the same.

Ongoing Projects

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